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Toy Poodle

Poodle is very active, alert dog and elegant action, with good body proportions and vigorous action, showing a confident stance. After the traditional way of sorting out pruning and careful, the Poodle will show the inherent unique and noble temperament.


Size, scale, size: According to the AKC standards, the limits of their height is: Toy Poodle, less than 25.4 cm; mini-VIP, 25.4 to 38 centimeters; standard VIP, higher than 38 cm. Body symmetry, proportion of satisfactory appearance should be: from the breastbone to the point of the length of the rear similar to the highest point of shoulder to the ground level.

Forelegs and hind leg bones and muscles of the body should be consistent with the proportion of dogs.


Head and expression:


Eyes: very dark, oval shape, eyes alert, intelligent expression to become the focus.


Eyes major defects: eyes round, protruding, large or too light.


Ears: drooping ears close to the head, eyes, ears or below the location of a horizontal line, ear very long, very wide, the surface covered with dense hair. However, the ear can not be too long.


Head: small and round, slightly prominent. Nose, cheek bone and smooth muscle, the length from occiput to nose is equal to the length of the nose and mouth.


Nose and mouth: long, straight and thin, not pendulous lips. Slightly below eye depression. Jaw medium size, clear outline, not tapered. Major fault: the jaw is not obvious.


Teeth: white and strong, scissor bite.


Major fault: undershot or overshot, irregular tooth.

Neck, Topline, Body:


Neck proportioned, strong and slender. Sufficient to support the head, showing the noble, dignified quality. The fur is very soft throat, neck hair is very strong. Connected by a smooth head and shoulder muscles.

Major fault: ewe neck.


The topline is level from the highest point of the shoulder blade to the root of the tail is neither inclined nor arched. Only a small shoulder dent.




Wide stretch of the chest. Flexible ribs.

Waist short and wide, strong, robust, muscular symmetry.

Tail straight, set high and upturned. The length of truncated after the overall balance of sufficient support.

Trunk main shortcomings: set low, curled, curling too far back.



Strong, smoothly muscled shoulders and strong. Scapula closed completely, similar to the length of the upper foreleg.


Major defects: uneven shoulders, prominent.

Forelegs straight, from the front are parallel. From the side, just below the shoulder in the forelimb. Ankle strong, the wolf may be cut off the toe.



Small enough, shape into egg shape, the toes into a fox-like arrangement. Foot pads thick and strong. Toes short, but visible. Neither the direction of the foot toward the inside nor outwards.


Major fault: soft, toes apart.



Forequarters balance.

Hind legs straight when viewed from behind parallel. Muscle generous. After the knee strong, strong, curved right; considerable length of the femur and tibia; the distance from hock to heel short and perpendicular to the ground. When standing, the toe after just over the tail.

Major fault: cow-type tarsal joints




(1) coarse: rough natural texture, fur is very dense.

(2) Soft hair: compact, smooth and hung, the length varies. In the chest, body, head and ears rather long. Joints is relatively short and fluffy hair.



Less than 12 months poodle puppies are often modified into shape. In the usual classification criteria, the full 12 months or more than 12 months of the dog must be trimmed into a “Saddle England” or “continental” type. Stud dogs and participate in non-competitive show-type dogs can be trimmed. Any other type of competition will be eliminated.


Puppies type: less than one year old Poodle may be trimmed to leave long-haired puppies type. This form of dog to trim the face, throat, feet and tail, the lower part of the hair. After pruning the entire foot is clearly visible, the tail is modified into a pompon. In order to shape and clean, elegant, and ensure its smooth visual effects, allowing the appropriate modification of the body fur.


“English Saddle”: English saddle dogs face, throat, forelegs and tail at the bottom of the hair is trimmed. After pruning, the joint at the left forelimb number of hair, the tail tip was cut into a pompon. In addition to the body after the half-length after two legs on both sides and set aside two of the modified arc fur, the other part of all cut short, exposing the feet after trimming, the part above the forelimb joints were visible. Can not the rest of the fur trim, but to ensure overall balance poodles, may be appropriately trimmed.


“European type”: trim the face, throat, feet and tail at the bottom. Poodle’s hindquarters to be trimmed in velvet hip ball, cut the rest of the net. After pruning, the whole foot and part of the front legs above the joints are exposed. Other parts of the body can not trim the fur, but in order to maintain the overall balance, can be appropriately trimmed.


“Hound type”: In the pruning poodles dogs, the face, feet, throat and tail are trimmed at the bottom, leaving only a mass of jagged cut fur hat, was modified into the bottom of the tail pompon. To make clear and smooth contours of the body, including other parts of the trunk limbs, the hair should be no more than one inch, limb hair to the hair slightly longer than the trunk.


In all forms of pruning, the head of hair could be retained and natural-like or rubber band to tie up. Only the head of a considerable length of hair, the dogs can show the appearance of a perfect fluid. “Hair” refers only to the skull, that is, that bridge of the nose to the occipital part of the hair, only in this position, the rubber band only comes into play.




Major flaw: nose, lips and eyes the color is inconsistent; or those parts of the body color of incongruous color and dogs.


Pied dogs will be eliminated from the competition. That is, its body called mottled coat color is not uniform, consistent, but by two or more colors.



Forward trot, the pace brisk and powerful hind legs made mainly rely on force. Head high, tail upturned. Gait is the key to a healthy strong.



A cocky, very sensitive, intelligent, self-confidence. Poodle has a remarkable temperament and unique dignity.


Major fault: shyness or violent.


Major fault:

Any obvious features do not meet these dogs can be considered to be of such defects.

Out of standard


Size: less than or exceed the required standards.

Pruning: Trim any do not meet these criteria will be eliminated from the competition.

Noise: body coat color is not uniform, consistent, but by two or more colors. Noise is usually eliminated from the competition dog.


Pet owners spend 10 million dollars to the dog treat


Poodle with ovarian cancer, “niu” Zhang Xu, Hangzhou looked sluggish pet lying on the operating table the hospital to receive ovarian circumcision surgery.


Poodle with ovarian cancer, “Niuniu.”


October 19, 2009 afternoon, suffering from ovarian cancer Poodle “Niuniu” looked dispirited lay Hangzhou Zhang Xu pet hospital operating table, receiving ovarian circumcision surgery. It is the year of the pet hospital for the first 15 cases of dog cancer surgery.


Doctors, now, pet dog increases the probability of cancer, the number increased, mainly due to eating habits actions, such as “niu,” the owner because of excessive love, always give it to eat bird’s nest eating shark fin, the more that, like dogs and people make the better. They do not know, this is the dog food was “rich man’s disease” an important reason.



Zhang Xu introduced to the dog treat cancer, general medical expenses to one or two million, if a serious condition, the cost may be more than 100,000 yuan. Hangzhou Li keeps a Pomeranian named Bobo, 9 years old. This year in March, Mr. Lee found that there are two wave below the neck lump the size of quail eggs.


After a medical examination found that a total of eight wave whole body mass. Biopsy after tests found a large number of variant lymphocytes in diagnosis, diagnosed as malignant lymphoma. If you do not surgery, it may only live for two years.


Zhang Xu proposed to give up treatment may save Bobo Lee insisted. Hospital developed a treatment plan Bobo, 10 times within 21 days of chemotherapy, and then consider whether to continue chemotherapy as the disease. 19 afternoon, the wave is the 26th hospital for chemotherapy.


All the hair on the claws fall out, similar to chemotherapy for cancer patients will lose their hair done. Wave with all the drugs are imported, so far, Lee has spent nearly 70,000 yuan for medical expenses, but the ball once a week we need to do chemotherapy, the doctors estimated that medical fees are nearly 10 million.